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Registration Overview

Registration for the 2019 summer season will open in the early to mid-April timeframe.

Registration in 2019 will be very similar to the 2018 season. Here is an overview of the registration process:

  • You will need to provide name and contact information for each parent / guardian and each swimmer. If you participated on the team in 2018, most of your information should carry over and pre-fill the fields.
  • There will be several liability and medical treatment waivers, and you will have to provide some medical insurance information.
  • You will be required to sign up for a team management volunteer position, or "Role" as it is called on the new site, during registration. If you are unfamiliar with the responsibilities of our team Roles, you can review them on the Role Descriptions page. If you are still uncertain when you register, there are some options to request help (e.g. there is a Role called "I need help selecting a Role. Please contact me.").
  • We require credit card payments for registration. We will not accept checks except under extenuating circumstances. If you need to pay by check, then please contact the Board Secretary (if you are logged in, contact information can be found on the Who To Contact page; if not, use the Contact Us form).

Please see the Family Participation page for information regarding our point system for volunteering.

As always, we accept resident and non-resident swimmers. There is, however, a fee difference. Please see the Registration Fees page for the fee structure.

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