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Swim Meet Job Descriptions

When you sign up your swimmers for a meet, you'll need to provide one volunteer from the family to cover a swim meet job. Most jobs last half of the meet. See the Family Participation Policy for a more complete description of the requirements.

Runner – Runners will collect the time sheets from the swim lane timers. Runners also collect any Disqualification(DQ) cards that are completed by Stroke & Turn judges for violations of swimmers and takes them to the referee for review. Once collected time sheets and DQ cards are organized and taken to the computer entry table.

Computer Manager/Scorekeeper – Someone that have been trained on the computer software will manage the data entry and outputs in the Meet Manager software. This data entry includes receiving the time sheets and DQ cards from the meet Runners and entering the times for each swimmer into the Meet Manager Software along with any DQ violations. The Meet Entries are set up prior to the meet by the Coach.   Computer Manager, along with the Meet Director will print out the meet sheets prior to the start of the meet; these are used by the timers to record times. Computer Manager will print off the results sheet after the meet and the ribbon labels used for swimmer recognition.

Computer Assistant – Helps the computer manager preparing heat sheets, lane sheets and recording scores.

Concessions - Serve food and collect money at the concessions tent. First half helps set up before the meet; second half help clean up.

Clerk of Course - Clerks of Course are needed to gather the swimmers for each meet event (freestyle, backstroke, etc). The Clerk of Course then takes the swimmers to the appropriate lanes or staging area for the swim event. Once the event is ready the clerk ensures that each swimmer is placed in the appropriate lane for the event. The Clerk of Course may also be asked to combine events to shorten the meet; this requires the Clerk to notify the runners, referee, starter and computer manager.

Concession Stand WorkersConcession Volunteers are needed for Home Meets only.  A volunteer is needed to pick up ice (10 bags, around 7:00 am); donuts from Shoppers Food Warehouse (around 7:30 am) and Pizzas from Rubinos (around 10-10:30 am).  Additional volunteers are needed for Set-up, Clean-up, taking money, taking orders, handing out food, and making snow cones.  

Timer – Each timer uses their stop watch to track the swimmer's time. One timer in each lane will record the swimmer’s time on the time sheets. Additionally, at home meets, timers signed up for the first half of the meet are asked to arrive early and set up the pool.  Timers signed up for the second half of the meet are asked to stay and ensure the pool is cleaned up.

Head Timer – Before each race, makes sure that the timers are ready for the start. During a race, maintains a backup stop watch in case one of the timers missed the start.

Swim Area Manager - One adult per meet will be asked to monitor the team area to ensure swimmers stay with the team and are ready for their event. This will facilitate the Clerks of Course finding swimmers when needed.

Meet Director - Makes sure the team and pool (at home meets) are ready to support the swim meet. Acts as a point of contact to the other team(s). Makes sure we have a National Anthem source for home meets.

Stroke & Turn Judge - Requires formal training from a certified organization. Rule on infractions on assigned side of the pool. Observe strokes, turns, and finishes to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke.

Starter - Announces each event and triggers the start buzzer. Monitors and signals if there is a false start.

Referee - Requires formal training from a certified organization. The referee is the head official of the meet, and is responsible for opening and closing each heat.

Meet Volunteer Coordinator - Makes sure all of the necessary meet volunteer positions are filled; find volunteers if not. Track attendance. This job requires some website administration; help is available.

Ribbon Assembly - Get race results from the Computer Manager throughout the meet and assemble the ribbons that go to the swimmers.

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