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Family Participation

There will be a few changes in 2018 to the way we administer our family participation policy (aka volunteer policy) . Some of this is due to the fact that our new website uses a point system, and part of it is due to our efforts to improve the efficiency of swim team management. Please be patient with us, and please feel free to provide feedback as we work through the process (feedback can be submitted using our Contact form). The policy is still under development, and we will provide updates to this page until Registration opens.


Four Seasons Tidal Waves is a swimmer-oriented, parent-operated team. The summer season is an extremely rewarding and fun experience, but it will require a lot of volunteer time and effort to manage the team and run the meets. We’ll need every family to participate to ensure a successful season.

During registration, each family will provide a family participation deposit; the credit card fee is authorized during registration, and only processed / charged at the end of the season if the family has not accumulated enough volunteer points.

To accumulate enough volunteer points, each family will have to provide a volunteer for one Team Management Support Role (a "Role"), and a volunteer for a Job Session (a "Job") at each swim meet.

Volunteer Positions

[1] Team Management Support Role

The family volunteer selects one Role for the season, such as a board position, an event coordinator, or a number of various support roles. The role is selected during the registration process. For a list of Roles and their descriptions, see the Role Descriptions page.

[2] Meet Job

To ensure that all our meets (both at home and away) run smoothly, each family is also required to provide a meet participation volunteer for one job session each meet. This volunteer assignment will require a commitment for at least half of the meet. Examples include timers, concessions, clerks of course, and more. For a full list, see the Meet Job Descriptions page. The job you choose can change from meet to meet. Each family will select one of these jobs online for each meet of the season, prior to the meet. You may have the opportunity to sign up for a job at all meets during registration (if the schedule is available from the league in time), or you can sign up when you RSVP your swimmer just prior to the meet. 

Accumulating Points

Twenty (20) volunteer points are required by the end of the season.

Ten (10) points are earned for your team management Role, and one (1) point is earned for each Job session worked during a meet (there are 10 meets in the season, including the time trials and the All League meet).

Non-Participation Fee:

  1. At registration, each family will pay a “non-participation” deposit in the amount of $150, to be refunded at the end of the season.

  2. For each volunteer point below the required number of points, the refund at the end of the season will be reduced by $50, up to the $150 deposit.

  3. If you fall behind in points, you can make some up by filling two job sessions during a meet.

  4. You can monitor your volunteer point accumulations by logging into the swim team website.

If your family has trouble meeting these commitments, please contact someone on the board. There are a number of ways we can accommodate special circumstances, and we are ready and happy to help. 

The non-participation fee is not intended to be a revenue source for the team. We don't want to take your money, we just need your help! We can’t have a team or run meets without complete support from the families.

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