[Four Seasons Swim Team] FYI regarding tomorrow's weather

    Tomorrow's weather forecast is not the best. Hopefully the early rain will stay east of I-95 and we will get most of the meet in while it is still dry. The forecast for Sunday is not any better so it appears postponing the meet will not gain us anything (please note that this is not Four Seasons decision to make). Generally, if the life guards can see the bottom of the pool the meet can safely continue. Assume the meet is on until you hear otherwise, however come prepared for a soggy day.

    If it does rain and the meet is held there is a possibility that the grass field cannot be used for parking which will make things difficult. There is a limited amount of legal parking in the neighborhood. If the decision needs to be made that the grass cannot be used, please make sure to follow all parking regulations when searching for parking elsewhere. Note that all parking outside townhouses is reserved. You will be towed if you park there. You will be able to circle around the lot and drop off swimmers, team gear, family members, etc. and then must park elsewhere. The parking people are aware of this plan, and will be enforcing that you must have a pass to park in the lot.

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