[Four Seasons Swim Team] Saturday at Bradley Farm Wave

    AWAY meet, at Bradley Farm Wave

    Pool address: 13159 New Parkland Dr., Herndon

    Spirit Theme: Team Spirit! Wear your Four Seasons Spirit Gear!

    Forecast: Partly cloudy, high near 80. About 68 degrees at 8:30am.


    • Swimmer Check-in: by 8:00 am - see Coach Austin
    • Volunteer Check-in: by 8:15 am - see Lynette
    • Warm-ups: 8:15 am
    • Meet Starts: 8:30 am

    Relays are the last set of events. If a swimmer must leave before relays, please let Coach Austin know at the beginning of the meet and CHECK-OUT with Coach Austin. Please do this even if your swimmer is not signed up for a relay.

    HSL Silent Auction: 54 great items to bid on!! All proceeds go to the Herndon Swim League scholarship fund.

    Questions - contact Coach Austin (riderae@dukes.jmu.edu) or the meet director, John Correira (john.correira@gmail.com)

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