[Four Seasons Swim Team] Time Trials

    The purpose of time trials is to:

    • Get initial times to help better place swimmers in heats with other swimmers of similar speed; this makes heats more competitive, fun, and helps expedite meets.
    • Help new swimmers and families understand how meets are run.
    • Allow our volunteers to get acquainted with the volunteer roles.
    • Allow our coaches to set expectations with our swimmers.
    • Verify that all equipment and materials are in working order.

    At the bottom of this email are links to information that describe what you need to know about meets. Also you will find a link to detailed swimmer stroke guidelines if you want to help your swimmer swim the strokes properly.

    Spirit Theme: Wacky Tacky: Have fun - dress out in mismatched clothes, shoes, socks, crazy hair

    Forecast: Apply sunscreen, UV index forecast HIGH. Mostly cloudy. High 82F. Winds light. We should be done before any thunderstorms.

    Parking: Please take the time to park carefully between the lines so we can use all spaces in the lot. Do NOT park in spaces reserved for the clubhouse. We expect to have parking on the field. Please use common sense when parking in the field and do not park in a way that would block the flow of traffic to the back of the field or block other cars in. Please do not park on the sidewalks (FFX PD has threatened to ticket & tow cars on the sidewalk) or baseball infield.


    • Pool Set-up: 7:00 am - First Half Timers do pool set-up; check-in w/ Lynette & see John Correira.
    • Swimmer Check-in: 7:15 am - check-in w/ Coach Austin 
    • Volunteer Check-in: 7:15 am – 7:30 am - check-in w/ Lynette 
    • Warm-ups: 7:30 am
    • Timers, officials, clerks, & runners meetings on deck: 7:45 am
    • Meet Starts: 8:00 am
    • Clean up: 2nd half Timers do pool clean up. In addition to returning chairs to proper location, other jobs need to be done such as breaking down canopies, tables, and carrying equipment to storage closet. 

    If a swimmer must leave early, please let Coach Austin know at the beginning of the meet and CHECK-OUT with Coach Austin.

    Relays: There are no relays at time trials. 

    Clean up: Please ask your swimmers to clean up the team area before leaving.

    Useful References: Swim meets 101, info for timers, and info for runners. Swimmer stroke guidance.

    Questions - contact the meet director, John Correira at john.correira@gmail.com

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