Four Seasons Swim Team: Invitation to Register

    Four Seasons Families,

    Registration is now open for the Four Seasons Swim Team! We hope that you’ll join us for a fantastic 2018 summer season.

    We have a whole new website this year (, and with it there will be a few changes to Registration. The three biggest are:

    1. The new website: our old site with Swim-Team.US is no longer available, so we've converted to Swimtopia like many other summer swim teams. The new site has several nice features that will make it easier for parents to manage their family's participation on the team and reduce the workload on volunteers. Unfortunately, if you were registered with the team last year not all of your registration information carried over. Once we collect it this year, though, it will be in place for future years again. Also, your old password has been disabled. If you try to log in, use your old userid (probably your email address), and the system should send you a password reset email. You do not need to be logged in to Register.
    2. Payment: credit card is the only payment option for registration. If you are unable to use a credit card, please contact the Board Secretary using either the Who To Contact page (if you are logged in) or the Contact Us form before you start registration..
    3. Volunteer Role: we now require that you sign up for a swim team management Role during the Registration process.

    There is also a change to meet volunteering (i.e. “Jobs”), based on a point system used by our new website. Details are provided on the Family Participation web page. Meet volunteering will not affect registration.

    Before starting the registration process, we recommend that you read through the following information on the website:

    Register before May 24th to receive the discounted rates.

    Registration Link:

    Some more news:

    • Head Coach is Austin Rider. We are excited that Austin will be returning as Head Coach this year.
    • Parents Meeting. The date for this year’s meeting is Thursday May 24th, 6 - 8 pm. This will be a required meeting for swimmer families. It will be a chance to meet the coaches and the board, learn about the season and volunteer positions, and ask any questions you might still have.
    • Swim Meet Schedule. Unfortunately, the meet schedule will not be available from the league for another couple of weeks. We have posted a 2018 outline on the website to give families an idea of the start and end of the season and some key dates like the parents meeting, first day of practice, our time trial meet, the end of season banquet, etc. We’ll send another note when the schedule is fully populated.
    • More Information. There is a ton more information on the website, so please check it out!

    Website and Registration:

    Thank you - and we hope to see you at the pool!

    Four Seasons Swim Team

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