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2019 Swimmer Registration


You have started the registration process for the Four Seasons 2019 summer swim season. Our team is open to all swimmers ages 5-18 at all skill levels.

There are a few Registration reminders for the 2019 season:

  1. Returning swimmers: If you were registered with the team last year, most of your registration information has carried over to make the registration process simpler.
  2. Payment: We require payment using our online system WePay. You will need a credit card ready for the payment processed at the completion of Registration. If you are unable to use a credit card, please contact the Board Secretary using either the Who To Contact page or the Contact Us form.
  3. Volunteer Role: We require that you sign up for a swim team management Role during the Registration process.

Before completing the registration process, we recommend that you read through the following information:

If you have read the policy information and are ready to register for the team, please complete the following forms and waivers. Payment information will be collected at the end of the process.

Please note: you may add as many "Parent/Guardian" entries as you like. This can be useful if you have other adults that might help the family meet its volunteer requirements. You can sign up grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Parent/Guardian Information

At least one parent/guardian registration is required.
New accounts will be sent an email confirmation message with instructions to setup a password.

At least one parent/guardian email address must be provided.
Check the boxes to indicate which parent/guardians should receive team-wide emails.

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Athlete Information

Enter the information for each athlete being registered below. At least one Athlete registration is required.

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Home Address

Stroke & Turn

Are you interested in training to be an official? The team is very short on Stroke & Turn judges. It's just a one-night commitment and you can choose one of two classes to be held on June 5 and June 10 at the Herndon Community Center. If you check "Yes", we will contact you within the next few days. Those that complete training and volunteer as an official at 3 or more meets will receive a $25 Amazon gift card from the team. *


Four Seasons accepts non-resident swimmers, but there is an additional fee of $10 per swimmer for the first 3 swimmers, $5 per swimmer thereafter.

Family Participation

I understand that Four Seasons Swim team is run entirely by the families of the swimmers, and that a team would not be possible without a contribution by every family. I understand that my family will be required to participate in the running of swim meets and organizing team activities. We will provide a family participation deposit; I understand that the credit card fee is authorized during registration, and only processed / charged at the end of the season if the family has not accumulated enough volunteer points.

I have reviewed the policy details at:

Code of Conduct

I understand that any abusive/bullying behavior towards coaches, swimmers, officials, or team volunteers by swimmers, parents or spectators will not be tolerated. Violation of this policy could result in, but may not be limited to, the loss of privilege to attend swim meets. I have read through the full Code of Conduct on our website at

I will communicate this policy with my swimmers and indicate my agreement.

Liability Waiver

As the parent (or legal guardian) of the above named minor(s), I grant permission for this (these) swimmer(s) to participate in all activities of the Four Seasons Swim Team. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation, including transportation to and from activities, and do hereby release and waive all claims against Four Seasons Swim Team, Four Seasons Recreation Association, employees, and volunteers, and other participants. I further grant permission for first aid to be given to this (these) child(ren) in the event of an emergency.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *
Practice Guidelines

Coaches are only responsible for the supervision of swimmers DURING their designated practice time. Coaches will not be responsible for swimmers who are not in the water, or who are at the pool before or after practice.

All 8 and under swimmers MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult during practice.

Required Parent Meeting

We will have a required parent meeting for new and returning families this year to ensure a smooth season. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, May 14 from 6-8 at the Four Seasons Club House (1201 Herndon Parkway).

Swim Team Commitment

I understand that I am joining a swim team and my child(ren) is (are) expected to participate in practices and meets, to the best of our ability. It is not my intention to join solely for pool access or swim lessons.


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